Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Lazer Argon AR1 Sunglasses

This is the second of three Lazer sunglass reviews. If you have some free time, go check out the first review of the Lazer Magneto and stay tuned for a full review of the Lazer Solid-State SS1. Now, on to the show.

Argon AR1: Familiar Styling With Great Features

Lazer’s Argon sunglasses come in two models, the AR1 and AR2. Both feature the same lens design, with the main difference being the frame’s temple shape. I have been wearing the AR1, which features taller temples than the AR2. Both are traditional setups that will appeal to most. 


Their adjustable ear piece design takes that further, making them customizable for many head shapes and fit preferences. I was able to set the, straight back and achieve a snug fit with no pressure-causing discomfort.

I am glad Chris from Lazer sent me the orange the matte orange AR1 frames, as I have a less-than-secret love for the color orange - especially in all-things cycling. I am still a tad upset with myself for selling the candy-orange steel Serotta I built while working at a shop in college…

Anyway, enough reminiscing. When I first opened the Argon box, I was happy to find Lazer’s signature hard case, the standard cleaning bag, and surprisingly three different lens options for varying conditions - brown-silver, Lazer yellow and clear. Changing the lenses is easy. Here is a quick video demonstration I put together to show how it works.

I have worn the stock brown-silver lenses during a couple of rides in bright conditions, and the clear lenses during an evening commute to the gym. The darker lenses did a great job with shading at just the right level, without going too dark. Colors seemed true and I could definitely recognize the Panorama Lens Technology at work as glances from side to side remained crisp, maybe even more so than with my Oakley Radar lenses. I also felts like the lens shape itself, while not overly large, did a great job of protecting my eyes from the wind (I have wussie-sensitive contact-laden eyes) and not opening up any sun spots.

The Good

The Lazer Argon AR1 has a lot going for it - nice styling, quality optics and customizable fit. I also noticed that the frames are surprisingly light and that they stay in place, even in rough conditions. I decided to cut a few miles off my route during a test ride by way of a gravel road. Even with my 25mm tubeless tires, the washboards nearly threw me into the ditch, but my frames didn't move.

The price ($72 on Amazon) is a super value for a quality frame with three good lens options.

The Bad

Not much to report here. I like the frame style and the lenses and the price.

The Verdict

If you scratch or lose or sit in your sunglasses, I would strongly consider taking a look at the Lazer Argon AR1s. It is the type of sunglasses system you can throw in your bag for a weeklong adventure and be confident you have what you need, no matter the type of condition you find yourself in. At only $72 online with free shipping, your would be hard pressed to find abetted value with this level of quality.

Tough, right? I know, not really. At least the shades look good.

If you don't trust me, then at least trust Andre Greipel. photo credit: Lazer Sport

Supporting Reviews Like This One

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this review and I hope you found it useful. I really enjoy the opportunity I have to test out great gear and pass on what I find to all of you. I know there are a lot of other sources of info out there, most of which are more well known and respected than me, but I am really glad to made it this far and continue to come back for more.

So, if you loved the review, or just my amazing wit and charm, and feel compelled to purchase the Lazer Argon AR1 sunglasses for yourself, please consider doing so on Amazon here:

It will help me buy my wife a coffee or two to apologize for the three hour "test ride" and time spent putting this post together.

Be well, keep riding and thanks again for reading!


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