Friday, October 18, 2013

Must Read: Long-Form Fatty Ride Reports

When I can't ride bikes for one reason or another, I often find myself being sucked further into the epic accounts of others and their tales of bikes, training and miles gone by. I've already passed on the three cycling podcasts you should listen to, and have to reiterate the need to check out Mike Creed's Open Mic. It just keeps getting better and better - the Brad Huff interview should not be missed, for many reasons.

Lately however, I have found my way back to Fat Cyclist. Fatty has always been a favorite read but two recent blog "mini series" have honestly been really, really, REALLY fun to read. They both center around the Salt to Saint endurance race - the first about a pre-event training ride, and the second about the ride itself. I've linked to both below, but be warned - you will feel compelled by his cliffhanger endings, to finish both stories in one sitting. Get comfortable and please don't just skip to the end!

Actions and Consequences - One of Fatty's Salt to Saint Training Rides

Salt to Saint Race Report

Fatty and The Hammer at the end of Salt to Saint.
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Back to Mike Creed for a moment. Big kudos to Colorado Cyclist for stepping in as a sponsor of the podcast - it seems like a great fit.

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