Saturday, May 18, 2013

4iiii Issues New Viiiiva Units to Early Adopters

As many Viiiiva owners already know, 4iiii Innovations has decided to reissue upgraded versions of its Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor to early adopters of the product. I received an email from a 4iiii markting rep on May 15th asking me to confirm my shipping address. It also outlined the upgraded unit's specs, including:

  • Remote upgradability
  • Updated Bluetooth smart profile for bike power
  • Improved filtering for heart rate

A 4iiii blog post delivered via the company's twitter account (@4iiiicom) confirmed more of the same.

I have not experienced many, if any, problems with my Viiiiva unit to date, but have heard of some known issues around heart rate collection from subscribers to DC Rainmaker. My original review of the Viiiiva remains unchanged but I will make sure to reevaluate when the new unit arrives within the next two weeks. 

The only thing I can say right now is kudos to  4iiii for taking care of its customers, especially those who went out on a limb to support the company from the get-go. More to come.

Update 6/8/2013 - New Viiiiva Unit Arrived

I have to say that I am very surprised and impressed by the people at 4iiii Innovations. Thorough the entire unit exchange process, they have been right on point with their messaging and instructions. The new unit arrived within 10 days of first notice, along with a pre-paid envelope. They even included a small sticker on the new Viiiiva to avoid any mixups.


After dropping the old Viiiiva in the mail on Monday, 4iiii sent me an email Friday when they had received it safe and sound. It wasn't necessary, but it was just a nice touch that continued to help build their brand and their relationship with me (and most likely others as well). This company may not be one of the big players, yet, but their marketing team deserves a solid pat on the back. Chapeau!

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