Saturday, April 20, 2013

Review: Bontrager Adjustable Computer Mount

Remounting my cycling computer has been an exercise in both vanity and function this season. On the vanity side, I have really wanted the sleekness offered by SRM and other forward positioned computers. They just look much cooler than standard zip tie mounts.

From a functional standpoint, I have felt that my eyes have had to drift a bit too far away from the road to get a snapshot of my current performance level. I hsvent lost control, have had some definite moments of discomfort. Time to try something new.

The problem however, is that if you don't have a SRM or Garmin Edge, you don't have many good options.

I already have a Bontrager Node 1 and found that they recently released a compatible mount (Bontrager Adjustable Computer Mount). I picked up one of at my local bike shop in Omaha to test the setup for myself.

The Good

I really like the fact that my computer is positioned directly in line with, and in front of the stem. The mount itself blends in well with the setup and does not look out of place. Installation is fairly simple with one small screw to secure the clamp around the handlebar and then second screw allows for micro adjustments to viewing angle. Once in place, the mount and computer are both quite secure and hold up to less-than-subtle button pushes during the ride.

The Bad

Specificity. Bontrager designed the mount, and rightfully so, to be compatible with their brand and +Trek Bicycle computer models. Brands that have a similar screw-tightened mount should work in theory, but Bontrager can't confirm. I tested the mount with my Cateye Strada, but did not have any luck.

The Verdict

I already had a Bontrager Node 1 computer, so this mount quickly took my setup to the next level of form and function. I really like the look and the new forward position. If you have a Bontrager or Trek computer, you should pick one of these things up. If you have a different computer brand however, make sure you take it with you into the shop (probably a Trek Bicycle Store) to test it out first.

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