Thursday, January 8, 2015

Oh Hey 2015

For me at least, January rides in Nebraska have historically been few and far between. February and March too. I just never really had the desire (or the gear) to give it a go. I also didn't want to get my "good bike" covered in dirt, grime, and whatever else the city puts on the streets to make snow melt.

 Fast-forward to January 2015. New year, new gear and new bike. My wife conceded (I think that is the right term, though her recount may differ) to letting me pick up a used, steel Salsa La Cruz equipped with disc brakes (more on this bike to come, I'm sure) - along with a pair of Capo thermal bib tights.

All I needed to find was some motivation and a "halfway" warm day, i.e. somewhere between 30-40 degrees. Thankfully, New Years Day was accommodating - 40ish degrees and sunny, with the new bibs and some Skratch Labs Apples and Cinnamon Hydration Mix + George Dickel taking care of the rest. My goal was obviously 15 miles, but a pausing error on my part led to a few missed miles - I call it a win none the less.

I rode on Christmas Day too - enjoying the same hot toddy, but that was so 2014.

So since we're talking about 2014 (rough segue I know), I am super happy with where I ended up with mileage, fitness, and quality time spent on the bike (with both friends and the family - the new bike makes pulling the Burley and trying to stay with my wife a bit easier). I did not write as much as I had hoped - which will change this year, I think. Maybe a little? We'll see. I do have a bike review lined up for late winter / early spring, and also plan to give my thoughts on all-things Skratch (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Other than that, I just hope / plan to ride a lot and share the fun.

Cheers to 2015 and if you haven't yet created your 2014 Strava Story, do it now! Here is mine - with hopes for a touch more this year (though I will not get greedy or my nice things will be taken away).

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