Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Update: Indoor Madness, Food and Avoiding the Slip

Fourteen days in to a very cold month and I am already dreaming of complaining about 40 degree days. It has been in the 20's pretty consistently since the beginning of the month and I have been very inconsistent about spending time in the gym or on the trainer. I have gotten pretty good at mindless snacking at work though, so there's that (so many treats, everywhere).

It's time though, before damage is done, to right the ship and get back to a modest diet along with two to three days in the gym - one of those spent sweating on a spin bike. I feel that if I can maintain overall fitness and improve cardio fitness through high rep/intensity gym work, 2014 will be a good year.

I am not currently working on any new reviews, but do have some hopefuls and a few locked in for when work settles down a bit. I work for Omaha Steaks, so that may be a little while yet.

Upcoming Reviews

Competitive Cyclist Neck Warmer by Buff - I have been wearing this little guy since mid fall and really like it so far. It is perfect for taking the bite off of cold mornings and can be used as a neck/face/nose warmer. It could be a cool (pun intend) last minute gift for yourself or your favorite cyclist.

I teased this one earlier, but writing (and riding) time has been limited. This is an early spring essential as well, so that is when it will probably debut.

4iiii Cliiiimb App and Sysem - I know I have mentioned this one before too, but the review is still pending. +4iiii Innovations Inc. launched the app update after the weather turned here and I have not had a chance to get out and try it yet. I promise though, as soon as the temps cooperate, I will get it done.

Hopeful Reviews

I am really excited about the possibility of any/all of these reviews for spring. Cross your fingers with me.

Lynskey Sportive Disc Titanium Road Bike - My fingers AND toes are crossed on this one. A friend of mine owns the Omaha Bicycle Co. and is the area's Lynskey dealer. I pitched the idea a few months back so let's hope she has a great memory!

Image: Lynskey

+Lazer Sport NV Z1 Road Helmet - I have really enjoyed riding and reviewing the helmets that +Christopher Smith from Lazer sent my way early this year. All of them have their own personalities and I feel like Lazer just puts more work and thought into their helmets than other manufacturers. I expect the forthcoming Z1 to take that to a new level and hope to have a chance to tell you about it.

Image: Bike Rumor

If you have some free time, check out my reviews of the Lazer Genesis, Helium and O2 road helmets.

November Bicycles Rail 34 Wheelset - As I hope you've seen, I reviewed the Rail 52 Wheelset last month and loved them. +November Bicycles just issued confirmation of a 34mm version due out this spring. This one could be really fun. More to come.

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