Sunday, November 10, 2013

Coming Soon: November Rail Wheelset Review and Other Fun Things

Well, I thought the reviews would be winding down for the season, but thanks to some quick shipping, a chilly neck, and some field-upgradable technology, that is not yet the case. Over the next three to four weeks I have some cool stuff to check out and review. Here is a quick rundown.

1. November Bicycles Rail 52 Wheelset


Carbon clincher wheels from November Bicycles made for the racer (or average guy wanting to go fast) who wants speed and performance, but cant afford to drop a few mortgage payments on a set of Zipps.

Update: Rail review posted 11/22

2. Competitive Cyclist Neck Warmer by Buff


The temps are really starting to drop, which means my number of outdoor rides will soon be decreasing. I do hope to ride at least a few times each month, so in an effort to keep every piece of me somewhat warm I went out and bought a neck warmer from +Competitive Cyclist. I've used bandanas (cowboy style - awesome looking, but impractical) in the past, but hope this official varietal keeps my neck and face protected from the wind and cold.

Learn more about the Competitive Cyclist Neck Warmer by Buff

3. 4iiii Cliiiimb App and System

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If you've read the blog for a while, you probably know that I have an affinity for both +4iiii Innovations Inc. and Strava. Well the two have finally taken the plunge, joining together in the forthcoming 4iiii Cliiiimb app and system that gives you real-time updates of your progress on Strava segments.

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