Monday, August 12, 2013

Coming Soon: New Tires and a New Blog Name

New Tires Needed (Sealant Everywhere)

This past Sunday afternoon with the kids settled in for an afternoon nap I tossed on my kit and hoped to get in a fast 20-30 in the heat in prep for the ever-nearer MS Ride. As I was nearly finished topping off my rear tire to my usual 90-95 psi I heard the dreaded burst of air and watched as a few tablespoons of sealant sprayed out on the floor. 

The cut I would soon find proved too much for the sealant, despite it's best efforts. Annoyed, but still anxious to ride, I threw on my old Mavic Cosmos rear wheel and tubed Bontrager R3s. While not nearly as smooth, they still got the job done - even with a quick jaunt over some dirt that tested my handling skills. Next up, scrounge up some birthday cash for a new pair of Bontrager R3 TLR tires, 25c of course.

New Blog Name: Average Cyclist

If this season has taught me nothing else so far, I've learned that my strength as a cyclist is very average due to many factors, most of which I have already covered, and I am still okay with that. I don't love the sport any less, in fact, my love for this craziness has only increased, and I can really feel it swelling up in many others too. A quick run through any number of cycling-related Communities on Google+ confirms this tenfold.

That's why I'm excited to do a little rebranding, starting with the blog name and URL. In a couple of weeks (when I have time to sit down and do it), I will change things over from Tubeless Ready to The format won't really change and all of my old posts and reviews will still be here too. I hope all of the other average cyclists out there reading this will stick around as well.

Until then, keep pushing forward!

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